29 Jan. 19

Polar Vortex Set To Bring Record-Breaking Low Temperatures

This week it was announced that a polar vortex is set to hit the United States, bringing dangerously cold weather. The bitterly cold weather will be joined with strong winds from Tuesday through to Thursday.

Wind chills will see it hit as low as 60 degrees in some parts, this could see frostbite setting in within 5 minutes. Any exposed skin will be at risk, be sure to wrap up if you plan to go outside.


You should avoid going out unless you absolutely have to, getting to work or school could become life-threatening very quickly. If you rely on public transport to commute, it’s important that you keep moving while you wait. If you don’t you could be at risk.

Driving will be just as hazardous make sure you have a full tank before leaving, and warm clothes in case of a breakdown. A breakdown kit will be a very handy thing to have in the boot of your car this week.

You may even be at risk of your fuel tank freezing, be sure to make all the necessary precautions to stop this happening. If you fuel does freeze bring you car to a warm spot, bring out the heaters a thaw your fuel lines out.

Protect Your Home

The cold weather will wreak havoc in your homes, making sure you’re prepared can make all the difference.

Let me explain how…

Keep your thermostat at 65 degrees to ensure you reserve fuel, the polar vortex could last longer than expected.

Insulating your pipes will ensure that they don’t freeze during this cold spell. Staying ahead of the game is of the utmost importance in the weeks to come.

If you plan on using space heaters, make sure you keep them away from all flammable material to avoid a fire hazard.

What To Wear

If you’re forced to go out for any reason, it is important to choose appropriate clothing for the conditions.

What does this mean?

Well, wear layers to keep yourself insulated against the cold, and make sure your whole body is covered.

This means hands, ears, neck and your face. Make sure that your layers are loose, tight clothing will cut off circulation making you feel colder.

Frostbite and hypothermia will be a massive risk if you do not follow these precautions. It could take less than 15 minutes for the first signs of hypothermia to set in.

All in all, this is going to be a tough week in the US stay safe, keep yourself warm and stay indoors whenever possible. The weather will pass and we can all get back to normal in no time.